After a series of meetings covering on field success, coaching and the future of the Club, the Kangaroo Flat Football Netball Club has decided to advertise all senior coaching positions for next year.

The Club has had several meetings with the current coaches and has kept them informed of the process and decisions as they have come to light.

Kangaroo Flat Football Netball Club President Scott Mitchell said, “I commend both Shawn and Corey on their professionalism and conduct during what has been a very difficult start to the season, they have both worked really hard to keep the guys up and about while still developing a very young team.”

Shawn Filo & Corey Greer were appointed Senior Co Coaches in October 2016 for a 2 year contract, with the Senior team finishing in 8th position with 4 wins in 2017 and currently sitting in 8th with 2 wins at the halfway point of 2018.

“We are not laying all of the blame of our on field performance at Shawn & Corey, we haven’t been able to attract key recruits and have had a run of injuries, making it hard to settle the team.”

"Off field we’re traveling really well, getting record numbers each week at our training meals, good support for our functions, fantastic sponsors and a very loyal supporter base who keep coming to the games even when we are not traveling that great." Mitchell said.

With an impressive list of Under 18 & 16 players coming through, the Club is keen to get someone who can demonstrate leadership, management and technical skills in developing young players, along with the ability to engage with the Club’s members and other key stakeholders.

Current Coach Shawn Filo said, “While I am disappointed with the decision, I understand where the Club is coming from” “They (the Club) have been very open about the whole process and I appreciate that”

Both Filo & Greer have expressed an interest at continuing with the Club, with Shawn considering his options bringing extra coaching staff in and Corey saying he wants to continue to play for Flat if he wasn’t involved in coaching.

The Club already taking steps forward with regards to professionalism, performance, culture, development and sustainability. By advertising coaching positions early, the Club aims to appoint new coach/s well before the end of the season to ensure plenty of time for recruitment of players.

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